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Paul McPhail

Paul is the Senior Minister of the Anglican Church of Culburra Beach. He committed his life to Jesus over 25 years ago, is married to Ingrid and together they have six fantastic children - Tamsyn, Isabelle, Jessamine, Evy, Jude and Betsy.

While at university, Paul studied Mathematics and enjoyed being involved in ministry to students, while also doing youth ministry at his local church, Dapto Anglican.

In Dapto, Paul had the opportunity of doing a ministry apprenticeship full time for two years. Then from 2004 to 2007 studied at Moore College.

Before moving to Culburra Beach, Paul was a Youth Ministry Adviser for Youthworks, supporting and encouraging youth ministry in local churches around the Illawarra and in Sydney as an ordained minister.

Paul's main ministry is prayer, preaching the Word and preparing and supporting God's people as together we glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ in our community and beyond.

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What is a Christian?

Simply put, a Christian is a 'follower of Christ'.

What is a Christian?

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is Lord and Saviour.

Who is Jesus?